Time plan



Feb: Inspirational talk at Sigtuna Folkhögskola, theatre- and film students.

March: Teaching at 2Lång teaterskola i Göteborg, “Performing Gender”, for the third time.

May: International workshop on Gender equality in the performing arts, at Scenkonstbiennalen in Norrköping, Sweden. I also led two seminars, one on how to handle interrupted performances and one with four new artistic directors at institutions producing theatre for young audiences.

Aug-Sept: Directing at Københavns Musikteater, a new play by Kristian Hallberg

Sept-Oct: One week in Kigali, Rwanda. Learned about GVB, Gender based violence at Mashirika Theatre, and gave a workshop on Gender and norms. Gave an acting workshop for the Rwandan Acrobats Company.

Nov: Den Nationale Scene, Bergen, Norway. A seminar on gender aware acting.


Jan-Feb: Travel on a stipend from Konstnärsnämnden, to see shows and network in London and New York.

April: Teaching at the acting programme in Malmö, 7 weeks, and at 2Lång theatre school in Göteborg

May: Flugo! guest performance at Dramaten, the national theatre, for refugee youth.

June: Flugo! performs at the Nordic theatre days at Färöarna and at Shauspielhaus Nord in Stuttgart.


Sept: Co-directing at Riksteatern with Forced Entertainment. “De omöjliga möjigheternas hus”.

Det omöjliga möjligheternas hus Regi Forced Entertainment: Terry O'Connor, Regi Riksteatern: Pelle HanæusSkådespelare Ana Stanisic och Linn Bjørnvik Grøder


Artistic Director at Regionteater Väst.

Directed Bernarda – vi visste inte vilken tid det var



Artistic Director at Regionteater Väst.

January: Directing Häxet.


May: Drömställe/Flugo! performes at bibu.se, Helsingborg

October: Drömställe/Flugo! performed at Swedstage and Orionteatern, Stockholm


January: Got the job as Artistic Director at Regionteater Väst, and started preparing the spring season of 2014.

March-May: Directed Drömställe/Flugo! for Clowner utan Gränser och Circus Arts. It toured major theatres around Sweden, the rest of the year.

August: Moved to Gothenburg to work at Regionteater Väst in Uddevalla



January: Clown and Gender-workshops at Tiyatro Boyalı Kuş, Istanbul. Gender aware acting-workshop for actors and directors, with Kulturkraft Väst, Göteborg.

March: Gender and acting-day, Teaterhögskolan i Malmö.

November: Tourleader for CuG to Syrian refugee camps in Jordan.

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February: Travels with 10 Master’s students and Nalle to Rwanda, where we play shows for underprivileged communities.


October: Participated in international street theatre workshop with Anadolu University, in Turkey. Oversaw students’ clown-tour on the West Bank, Palestine.

December: Our 10 Master’s students perform their exam shows, the 15th-18th at StDH, Valhallavägen 193. www.stdh.se

December: Clown workshop at Anadolu University Acting Programme, Turkey


January: Consumption of culture in London. The second semester of the master’s year at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts begins.

February: Leading student tour to refugee camps in Kenya.

April: Was elected president of Clowns without Borders, Sweden.

May: Directing student info-shows.

June: Gender Aware Acting workshop at Høgskolen i Nord-Trøndelag in Norway

August: Leading gender aware theatre-workshop for ATR.

October: Teaching actors in Sörmland Gender Aware Acting

November: Preparing “A year of Physical Comedy” Master’s Programme and leading workshop in Norm Critique at Teaterdagarna, Riksteatern.


February: Three weeks in Kenya, planning and directing a clown-tour with local artists, in the Mombasa-area. A cooperation between CwB and YWCA.

March: One week workshop in Gender Aware Acting at Teaterhögskolan i Malmö. I contribute with a workshop about KUNQ at a conference on the role of dramatic art in the democratic process, 13-15 March 2009, Stadshallen, Lund, Sweden

April-May: Workshop for applicants to the master’s course about Clowns without Borders-work at Teaterhögskolan in Stockholm. “Skratt utan gränser”.

August: Start of the Master Programme at Teaterhögskolan i Stockholm.

October: Student tour in Moldavia.


Januari: Besöker Berlin och London, föreläser om Clowner utan Gränser i Stockholm

Februari: Besöker Circunaprojektet i Libanon

April: Till Circuna i Libanon, undervisning på CuGs artistkurs på Vårdinge Folkhögskola och prat-kurs på Konstfack

Maj: Undervisar på Teaterhögskolan i Stockholm

Juni: Går på tur i Norge

Juli: Högskolekursen Internationell Utblick (IU) i Moldavien

Augusti: Europride i Stockholm

September: IU redovisas 6/9 på THS Sthlm, Genusmedveten gestaltning på THS Luleå, Improvisationskurs på Konstfack

Oktober: Fotvandring i Europa

November: Till Circuna i Libanon med artister från Sydafrika

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