Teaching acting in Malmö

March-April 2016

Edward Bond’s play “The Bundle” has not been performed in Sweden since the late 70’s. As an acting student in Vancouver in 1991, I worked on a monologue from the play (“Ha! Tiger!”), and then happened to see a production of it Off-off-Broadway in the mid 90’s. When I, a decade later, stumbled upon a copy of the play in a book store in London, I realized it would be a great text to work on with a group of acting students. When I was teaching at The Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, I asked some students to do a reading of the play with me. We agreed it was exciting, and I later contacted my Alma Mater in Malmö, to do a Brecht-inspired project with them, using the play.

In the spring of 2016, 25 years after my first encounter with “The Bundle” I taught and directed a lovely group of students, at the Theatre Academy in Malmö, with great help from the regular teachers at the acting programme. A seven week process led to performing most of the scenes, with it’s 20-something characters, involved in fighting the land-owner, the emperor and the flooding river; doing revolution.


Rehearsals with Färjkarlen, Basho and Wang.

Malmö Bond reading

Reading and analyzing for one week


Semi-arena stage is a great challenge!


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