Vacation and Musicals

Jan-Feb 2016

Between jobs, I decided to go to London-New York-Panama-Costa Rica-Mexico-New York. The first part of the journey was partly focused on seeing performing arts and creating connections with fellow artists. (It was partly focused on enjoying the gay scene…)

In London, I saw the musicals “Kinky boots” (soon in Sweden) and “Wicked”, which both had a nice feminist touch, and a “queer-light” content. I saw the play “The curious incident of the dog in the night”, about a highly functioning boy with autism (like my uncle, Carl Brunskog), and the queer cabaret at Old Vauxhall Tavern, featuring my friend Lasana Shabaz, in black-face, commenting on the lack of awareness around racism in the queer community. I had the pleasure of hanging out with radio producer/director Tove Jonstoij and Ingo of the Wotever Universe.

In New York City I saw the musicals “Fun Home”, based on Alison Bechdel’s (of the Bechdel test you know?) graphic novel, and it brought me to tears and gave me shivers of pride and joy. I also Loved “The color purple”, a Broadway hit and African-American lesbian epic, with astonishing performances by not least Cynthia Erivo as Celie, upstaging Jennifer Hudson (the star of Dreamgirls, the movie). At Joe’s Pub, at The Public Theatre, I witnessed an historical event, as I saw an astounding line-up of hero-performers, in “Punk Kabarett International”. You gotta check the link. Stew & Heidi performed a song I since carry with me, Saluting both the recently passed David Bowie, and James Baldwin (JB), who’s collected poems I had bought as a gift to Lasana, the week before. Hear Stew sing it here, filmed by me. I also had the immense pleasure of hanging out with singer Electra E. Weston, queer arts specialist Kalle Westerling (PhD), play-write Greta Sundberg, opera director Mårten Forslund, dancer William Briscoe and performance artist Myles Johnson, and others! Oh, and Kalle and I visited the marvellous NGO The Door, where we shared our experiences of Kunq with their Arts supervisor, the lovely Jadrian Ellison. The Door runs a lgbtq youth theatre group, as part of their program, and got some humble advice from a couple of veterans.

Then, I went to Panamá, from where I write this post.


The natural force of Electra.




Kalle W., all grown up.



This is where I stayed on a sweltering hot summer in the 90’s. Just subtract some gentrification and snow. 2nd Ave.


Stew. performing at Joe’s Pub.




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