It’s been another rewarding couple of days in Göteborg. Last time I visited was in June, to lead a seminar on casting for the Actor’s Union, take part in the LGBTQ-festival and see two good shows at the city theatre. This time it was an even more special occasion, that I’ve been preparing for during a good part of the last month; I was invited to to a TEDx talk. The theme of this TEDx day was Beyond borders, and naturally Clowns without Borders had been asked to contribute. I gladly signed up to do it.

The old Lorensbergsteatern, where many a comedy show have met laughing audiences, was the venue. 20 speakers had been invited to share something they were passionate about. The whole event was live streamed (and will be found at www.tedxgoteborg.com – Beyond borders). My friends’ reactions to me doing the talk added to the understanding that this was something major. I decided to come well prepared, had rehearsed twice with small audiences, got some really valuable feed-back, and finally ended up with a seventh version of the text, and numerous photos in a power-point document.

On the evening before, at the hotel, I ironed my favorite shirt, timed the final version of the talk again, and put my “in-case-of-black-out notes” in a pocket. On my way to the event, the next morning, the note had fallen out of the pocket, and I decided not to return and look for it, but to just go for it, trusting I know what to say.

Fortunately, I’m the second speaker of the day, so I don’t have to spend the whole day in anticipation. The first speaker is, fittingly, an Israeli street artist who has made art on the Israeli wall, on the Palestinian side. He talks about art as a way to bring people together. And then the MC introduces me by talking about his visit to the refugee camps in Dadaab, making the kids there laugh. All is good, and as I enter the stage I am hopefull.

I haven’t seen the filmed talk yet, but it felt good to do it. I was relaxed enough. People laughed, some cried, and the 400 people listened to me, and looked at the children and clowns in my pictures with great concentration. I feel good.

During these days I also had the chance to meet the managing directors of both Stora Teatern and Backa Teater, to plan for the clown-show I’m directing in the spring. More about this later!

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