Nordic radio theatre meeting

Today I met and gave a lectured for representatives of the national radio theatres of Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. The theme of the day was, of course, gender. Together with the actors Ida Hackzell and Ellen Norlund, I gave a presentation of the gender awareness work that has happened at the acting programmes in Sweden, during recent years.

It was clear that this work has yet to take place in the world of theatre in the neighboring countries. To many of the foreign guests, the term gender was not familiar and gender analysis of their work was not usual.

Hopefully, we were able to put gender on the agenda and inspire to artistic as well as political work.

I spoke about the “Att gestalta kön”-project, did some “gender-gymnastics” and statue exercises and showed a film clip from a workshop at the Stockholm school. Ellen and Ida performed a scene based on their experiences.

Thanks to Magnus Berg at Radioteatern!