The university fall semester has started and with it a new life as an employee of the state. More about that later, but first a brief report from work and play in Norway.

It started with a three day walk in the Norwegian nature. Wise from earlier experiences of the wet, cold and wild, we had chosen a warmer month and lower altitudes – no stumbling up a snow covered mountain, looking for shelter. My expert friend Ella had rented a cabin by a remote lake, beautifully located between ancient, rounded mountains. She succeeded in catching no fish whatsoever and I red a book. In between this she hauled me up two mountains

Then I took the lead and gave a three day workshop on Clown and Gender Aware Acting at Hedmark Teater in the town Hamar, eastern Norway. The children’s play that my workshop related to is called “Linus och cirkusfåglarna” (Linus and the circus birds). It’s about a boy, hiding in a laundry room, trying to figure out how to be normal, when two failed circus acrobats on the run break in. The female character loves to wear beards and the male loves to play dress-up. It’s a great set-up for a playful presentation of fun and successful otherness, in the shadow of exclusion.

The actors were great and fun and eager to relate my talk and exercises about clown and gender to their work. I was very well taken care of by the theatre and by the new friend and director Toril Solvang. I learned a lot! Waiting for a pic to post.