Returned from Kenya again

In these pics from Lamu: Humphry and a head of a hen, Pelle, Emily and Humphry.

This trip to Kenya was my own idea, financed by my now non-existing savings. I went to have a vacation with Humphry and to help finding a school for him. I also had a meeting with YWCA in Nairobi, about the future for the “Ultimate Clown”-group in Mombasa. I gave UC some basic clown-training.

On the way home, I stayed with my swedish friend Chris in Kibera, a big slum in Nairobi. A gay activist friend of his showed us some of the Nairobi bars frequented by “the members”. Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya, but of course there are great numbers of gay people there, like anywhere. The Kenyan constitution needs to change.