Fun conference in Lund about Theatre and Democracy, Community Theatre, etc

March 13-15.

Me (leader of Kunq), Max and Carro (from the Qaos queer youth theatre group) gave workshops about our work, for theatre people interested in Community Theatre. This was very gratifying for me and helped me to better understand the work I’ve done. Plus networking!

Below: Some of my idols.

These guys all work within cultural institutions (Teaterhögskolan, Stockholms Stadsteater, Kultur i Lund, Riksteatern, Dramatiska Institutet), using their skills and positions to create awareness and equality and quality in the field of performing arts. Jonathan works at the Jenin Freedom Theatre on the West Bank (Palestine). They need financial support to put their theatre students through their training program.

Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, genusvecka

Jag undervisade i Malmö i en vecka och försökte ge verktyg för större genusmedvetenhet hos framtidens skådespelare. Såhär såg redovisningarna av arbetet med texter av Astrid Lindgren, Stig Dagerman och Anton Tjechov ut. (Dessutom arbetades det med scener ur Linje Lusta, men då hann jag inte med med kameran.)

Mombasa, I’ll be back!

Leaving Mombasa tomorrow, after seeing the acrobat group’s (“Puma Boys”) first new performance in the morning, using the new equippment and music I supported them with. I will also meet the clown team and finally get to see their new show, that I directed and that premiered in the countryside in the Tenariva region on Thursday and Friday, when I had my much needed vacation.

I have also very much involved myself in bringing an orphan boy off the streets of Mombasa. He is presently staying with one of the young women in the team, whom I will support to support him.

The strong bonds created with lovely young people here will make it necessary for me to return soon.