German pics

1. Eastern Berlin. The set of the Volksbühne production of Alfred Jarry’s play Ubu Roi, after the show. The spheric shapes on the big floor of the stage are baloons, the biggest about 150 cm in diameter. These baloons fell from the rafters, floated upwards or in mid air, gathered magicly center stage, were ran through by actors, bouncing away, during the performance; creating both space and interaction. Big rounded shadows climbing the backdrop. Sudden bangs drawing the attention of the characters/actors.

2. The TV-tower in Hamburg, as seen from the botanic garden, as the sun sets below.

3. The botanic garden, “Planten und Blumen”, of Hamburg. Romantic autumn, obviously.

Filmfest Hamburg, Swedish highlight

Having seen many of Jan Troell’s films, during adolescence and just recently a long interview with him on Swedish television, I was especially excited to see him and his most recent film in Hamburg, yesterday. The screen was huge, the images – as usual in his films – filled of nature’s beauty and the tempo moderate. To describe the story would be to reduce the image of the film for you, as hopefully future spectators. See it on a big screen!

Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick reminded me about Troell’s unusual class awareness and clarity about gender issues. I was inspired by the film’s theme about the role of the artist (photography in this case). I was taken back to the years I lived in Malmö, where most of the film takes place, with the city’s history of the workers’ movement and “barnrikehus” (special housing for working class families with many children), etc.

I was unusually moved to see the director and the leading actress, Maria Heiskanen, in front of that huge screen, after the film. I realized how collective artistic endevours have the possibilty to make us, small people, grow enormously. I was inspired and in awe in front of these great artists.

Article in English, from the Danish Film Institute