On the road, northern Moldova, evening of July 15

Pics are coming!


It’s been raining since noon. The road is bumpy but wide, the driver Nicolai is cool and happy to have succeeded in turning the bus monitor on. The group is watching takes from todays show, filmed by Joanna and Calle. We performed in a small and almost abandoned cultural house, packed with people, young and old, from the village and boarding schools in the area. The air was moist, like the costumes of the 10 clowns, trying thier best to get the full attention of the lively audience. It worked sometimes. The old ladies in the front row thanked us from the bottom of their hearts.


We drive trough a time capsule, passing rural villages where people live off what the land and the animals give them. A big part of the people survive by having family members making money abroad. Russia and Italy are the the main destinations for migrants. Many parents are away working abroad, leaving children without a family. And Moldova seems to have a tradition of putting children in institutions, rather than supporting the poor parents who can’t feed or clothe their children. Moldova has ca 70 institutions where children live, compared to ca 20 in the much bigger neighbour Romania.


Passsing big fields of sunflowers, then fields of wheat, lined with walnut trees. Meadows, seldom seen in modern Sweden, with goat-eateen grass around free standing trees. Still heavy rain. Smell of mud in the bus.


I took the chance to clean myself in the restaurant toilet this evening. The small orphanage we will reach shortly is one of the poorest. I expect cute but smelly kids and uncute, reaking outhouses, and the rain, darkness and mud amplifying the misery.


Children can have superhuman powers it seems. The ones who’s boardingschool we visted yesterday, from families with one or no parent, where alcoholism and physical abuse are common, seemed to have learned to take care of eachother. The older (13-14) taking some responsability for the younger (8-9). All tiny for their age, skinny but not weak. They all had their tasks, in the kitchen (girls singing when working), cleaning the dorms or with the animals (didn’t see that). 30 kids living with their regular teachers, who take turns in pairs, working during summer with the kids who can’t go home (or have no to go to).