Grinauti-Moldova, July 17 2008

We are at a rural ”Auxiliary Boarding School” with 25 children, of which maybe 15-20 are intellectually challenged and the rest either a sibling, traumatized or just poor and abandoned. They are all abandoned in some way, I guess. We too will abandom them, as with the two week old kitten Ida found in the rain the other day. She woke it up to life, warmed it, fed it and gave it care and attention. It sleeps in her bed. But soon she’ll have to accept that we can’t take it back to Chisinau and that it is unlikely that someone else will take care of it. She’ll have to let go and leave it. But is that the only way and is it the right thing to do?


Today the sun came out. The team is great. Simon says, tag, hugs, juggling, acrobatics, hugs, disco, facepainting, hugs, A!B!C!, some extra hugs – given and taken.


For about two seconds at the time, great sadness comes over me. Then I return to be turned outwards, to registering, to action.


Alcohol is a poison. Taken in combination with poorness, it is most deadly. It kills off thousands of parents in those humans who happen to have children. It kills many souls of children without a functioning parent.


Pics are coming…