Moldova douze points

Rehearsals for about 6 days, putting a show together. More preparations the first week in Chisinau (capital of Moldova) and then two weeks tour to orphanages, youth prisons and hospitals. Leaving tomorrow EARLY. Back before Europride.

Cooperation between Clowns without Borders Danshögskolan, Dramatiska Institutet and Teaterhögskolan in Stockholm/Malmö/Luleå.

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe with 25% of the population living below the UN powerty line (ca 2 USD/day).

Now packing 10 kazoos, 1 bike-horn, 1 fez, 5 sponge-balls, gaffers tape, 15 latex noses, 20 one-use-one-size white overalls and 1 compass. Wish me luck!