Still more carbombs in Beirut


Beirut: Ten days ago a bomb killed three and injured 16 and today at least four were killed and 38 injured. The attacks seem to be targeted at Lebanese secret police, army and christian politicians.

Me and the juggler Caspar Sylwan go to Lebanon in one week. This at a time when most foreigners avoid Lebanon. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends people not to go there.

We go to continue the work with the Circuna Team of Trainers – 20 young people from Palestine refugee camps all over Lebanon (300 000+ Palestine refugees in Lebanon today), who need more stimuli to develop as performers and teachers. We bring unicycles, juggling material and acrobat-mats, as well as a sound system. This is a SIDA-supported project and a cooperation between Clowns without Borders, Sweden and Al-Jana/ARCPA, Lebanon.

I feel that going there now is important as it keeps up the moral of the group – we promised to come in spite of an unstable situation. Knowing what the Team-members risk and sacrifice to be in the project puts things in perspective, too. Going brings stability for the group, brings continuity to the process, brings an injection of humanity, peaceful ambition and fun to kids who suffer the consequences of political instability the most.

The risk of us being hurt by car bombs is very small. Beirut is a big town and people live there as usual.

Perhaps most importantly: I so look forward to seeing the Team again! All the smiles and hugs, their expectations for the future and their pride of the work. I will evaluate their development from the physical training they’ve got since November and initiate more artistic work, towards creating characters and making shows. I know they look forward to this. Me too! I just hope we have time to do everything we want. Car bombs surely will slow us down.

Jordanien 2005

Berlin vs London

P i London

U-bahn Doubbledeckers
U-bahn Tube
Milchkaffe Tea
Holocaust monument The Globe
Jewish museum Tate modern
Boyfriend Many boyfriends
Angela Merkel Ian McKellan
Correct grump Charming grump
Schweinfillet Roast sandwich
Tchüssi! Bye, Love!

Berlin utan sol


Här har jag besökt min pv 

Firat jul hos Troy med bruna bögar, franska mammor och mangotiramisù

Blivit sängliggande förkyld

Firat nyår med hämtmat, konstnärsloft, gayklubb och tusen smällare i örat

Inte läst, inte skrivit, inte motionerat 

Smittat ner pv:n, som nu ligger däckad

Promenerat i gråvädret

Försökt få Ibrahim att dansa foxtrot på SO36 och misslyckats 

Stött ihop med Gellert T., som bor här och skriver på nåt nytt

Idag ska jag till London, besöka D. och se teater